Aesthetic Architecture

Uniqueness for all our clients.

We as a construction company pride ourselves in adding aesthetic elements to delivered products in order to encourage individuality. We merge cultural components with modernism to bring a sense of belonging and harmony with the surroundings for every individual, taking into account all of our customers’ needs. GE’s dedicationresidesin the details; shapes, symbols, and colors . We strongly believe that our work must go beyond the constructed object because our goalis to deliver an ambiance, not just a building.

Recycling is one of our main approaches to add something rare and sustainable to our projects. We manage to salvage considerable material from the construction process to be then used for the art works. Materials range from bathroom tiles to steel structures, timber and plastics. Our team includes not only architects and engineers but also sculptors and painters.

Another aspect of our approach is the curating process. Creating something beautiful is one thing, but restoring an existing one is much more. Although our work is concentrated in new builds, we try to preserve some of the existing essential elements. This way, projects hold pieces of history while new details are introduced.

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address: VIA GIOVANNI ANTONELLI 50,  00197, Roma, Italia

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