Bougainville Bay is located on the gorgeous Ionian shore in Saranda, in one of the most stunning and breathtaking areas of the Albanian Riviera. Escape to this Mediterranean Paradise for unforgettable holidays that combine beautiful landscapes, amazing sea view, artworks, green areas, activities, and great foods. Bougainville Bay can accommodate up to 400 persons, in 123 hotel rooms and 35 apartments.

Designed as a genuine artistic exhibition, curated by our artists, Bougainville Bay brings and develop a new concept of living and staying in a residence. Everything around and inside the hotel is a piece of art: the lobby, corridors, rooms, stairs, alleys, swimming pools, restaurants, Spa, and beach area.

The movement from the lobby to the guestroom is a tour in itself; an art gallery where the guest can create an artistic emotion that enriches the experience and improves upon self-meditation. Surrounded by green areas, mostly Bougainville flower, in our resort you will have the opportunity to relax and gather new strengths in a uniquely sustainable way. More than 1000 Bougainville roots have been planted, in addition to citrus trees such as lemons, tangerine, and orange that add charm to each alleyway. The private beach area for guests only, and the large number of saltwater infinity pools which are skillfully designed to match functionality, artwork, and nature create a tremendous asset in an area where beach space is much sought after. The fine accommodation choices, the breath-taking sea view, the various dining options, the water sports adventures, cultural and historic attractions ensure an unforgettable holiday experience for all guests.

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address: VIA GIOVANNI ANTONELLI 50,  00197, Roma, Italia

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