Engineered for maximum customisation.

GE Invest services encompass a broad range of fields and sit at the core of our problem-solving approach. We utilise a deep bench of technical experts and engineers virtually on all of our construction projects so on to resolve complex problems. For several of our customers, this flexibility is crucial to the success of their facility.

Across all GE’s core markets, our customers’ most complex projects involve unforeseeable shifts in systems requirements—sometimes in the middle of a project. By starting each project with engineering, we are able to alter our plans quickly if and when those shifts arise. This ability to pivot mid-project enables us to unravel systems-level challenges before customers are constrained by a finished design. The results: greater creativity, higher efficiency, and therefore the ability to deliver truly customised solutions.

Our engineering services include:

Process & Packaging Systems Engineering.

Civil/Building Engineering.

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering.

The technical team comprises of a number of skillfull and experienced professionals, and we make sure that they are supported through technology. That is way the team is up to date with new technological solutions in the industry, and we encourage advancement through training and conferences.

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