We provide furniture for both indoors and outdoors. With exceptional design and great comfort, our furniture makes for great items, objects, and equipments installed indoors and not only; in public areas too. In public areas we’ve provided furniture for urban parks and streets, including such elements as lights, park benches, bollards, public fountains, etc.

Title: Leaf, Ladybird
Park Benches
Technique: Mosaic
Author: Genci Shkodrani
Title: “Owl” Lights
Technique: Ceramic
Author: Genci Shkodrani
Room Furnitures
Title: Lijlaku (couches)
Bougainville Bay Resort & SPA
Sculptural Desk Butterfly
Technique: Aluminum, Stained Glass, Wood
Author: Genci Shkodrani
Park Benches, Sculpture at Bougainville Bay Resort & SPA
Author: Genci Shkodrani
Tables and chairs
Technique: Mosaic, Wrought Iron
Author: Genci Shkodrani

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