We let our ceramics do the talking with our impressive portfolio. All handmade by well known Albanian artists, our ceramics deliver a design that is truly representative of what we stand, a piece that embodies our unique history and integrity.

Sustainability is one of our key motivators, that’s why we use the leftovers from our building sites as materials for our products. We recycle and we aim towards staying as green as we can.

Another aspect of our approach is the curating process. Creating something beautiful is one thing, but restoring an existing one is much more. Although our work is concentrated in new builds, we try to preserve some of the existing essential elements. This way, projects hold pieces of history while new details are introduced.

Title: “Forest with trees” Facade.
Technique: Mosaic in Stone and Ceramic
Author: Genci Shkodrani

Title: “Migratory Bird” Facade
Inspired by migratory birds that visit “Kodra e Diellit” every year, this ceramics facade garnishes Birth Square with autumn colors.
Technique: Ceramics, handmade beaten steel
Author: Genci Shkodran

Title: “Stone Trees” Facade
Technique: Stone and ceramics
Author: Genci Shkodrani

Title: “The Birds’ City” Facade
Technique: Ceramic
Author: Genci Shkodrani

Title: Eden’s Garden
A metaforic garden hidden in the interior parking of the residence.
Technique: Ceramics elements sculpture
Author: Genci Shkodrani

Title: ‘The Chumped Snail and the Song of the Shell’
The elements are parallelogram stones with neutrowhite clay mixed with quartz and glazed
with different colors that harmonize with the ceramics.
Technique: Mosaic & Ceramic
Author: Matlinda Mehmetaj (Prendi)

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