Designing around customer growth

From programming and architectural design to BIM, interiors, GE’s comprehensive design offering is the engine of our design-build delivery method. Now used widely throughout the industry, design-build helps save customer’s time and money—and it was pioneered in every aspect by us. As a team of design-builders, we ease project growth from concept to reality. Our customers say they appreciate the speed and suppleness design-build affords, likewise because of the collaborative experience we offer.

Our skilled Design Team includes professional architects, engineers, and project managers, all of whom function as an extension of a team. We develop and deploy the answer, manage the budget, and stay on-task to confirm we meet your schedule. We also provide a roadmap that anticipates potential enhancements within the years to return. By designing with multiple future scenarios in mind, we help conserve your options by accounting for reconfiguration and expansions.

For us, our design is the most significant step in creating a relationship with our clients and getting to know them better the product that suits their needs. We listen carefully to your instructions, your issues, and your wishes, and we provide you with the best possible alternatives that address them. Our focus resides in customer satisfaction and feedback.

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