Our maintenance team is geared to assist our commercial and residential clients with ongoing repairs that come along with a new or existing buildings.

Nothing speaks more volumes about a person or brand name, than a properly maintained property.

We are trained to work around your schedule, to respond quickly, and we are very reactive to your need and your environment. Working closely with clients we enable ourselves to consistently deliver the top-quality workmanship and luxury finish which is GE’s trademark. The expectation of the clients, however, ensures that the job does not finish when the last tool is put down-each, and every property we work on is handed over in spotless condition, perfectly showcasing our work and our clients` properties.

We have an amazing track record when it comes to maintenance as we have mastered our facility offerings through the years. All of our Albanian residential properties include maintenance services, becoming this way a highly preferred living area. We strive to make our customers feel safe and comfortable in their homes, offering security services, cleaning services, electrical and plumbing, and other maintenance services to the external areas.

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address: VIA GIOVANNI ANTONELLI 50,  00197, Roma, Italia

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